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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 20, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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died aboard that plane and why he says this is a travesty of justice. in the second box, the murdered swimsuit model. in the third box, a new push to keep teenagers from texting and driving, including an extremely graphic public service announcement. this is only part of that controversial videotape. we're going to have all of that straight ahead. first, president obama on the offensive yet again today as the white house furiously working to regain control of the health-care debate. take a look a live pictures. this is the president participating in a liberal -- a liberal health care forum. as you know by now, lately, there have been a lot more questions than answers. that has hurt the administration's push to get
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support for their plan. earlier today, the president appeared on a radio talk-show broadcasting live from the white house. the president touched on his controversial government-run insurance proposal. >> let's make a public option 1 choice of many choices that are available to people who are joining the exchange. i see nothing wrong with potentially having that public option as one option for federal employees as well. the important thing that i have to make absolutely clear, no one would be obligated to choose the public option. gregg: so he says. the question now, can the president possibly sway lawmakers to have up until now fiercely opposed a public plan for a variety of reasons? major garrett is live with more on this. how hard did the president push for that public option today? >> oh, he pushed real hard.
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in one point of the interview, he said that this could be a non-profit public option. that sounds like a cooperative. that is one alternative. there are republican opponents to the public option and some democratic skeptics, but remember, there are fierce advocates of the public option, both in the senate and house on the democratic side of the aisle. many house democrats said that if there is not a public auction in the bill, they will not vote for it. he says he does not see how there is any way possible speaker pelosi could move a bill of the floor of the house if it does not include a public option. this is clearly something that the white house is going to have to define more clearly for members of its own party to be satisfied on it. gregg: as i listened very closely to what his definition
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of a public plan was, i was left scratching my perfect hair. in his remarks and indeed right now, is the president playing a bit of defense here? >> let pullout that video right now of the organizing for america, streaming live town hall that the president is having. this is with some of his most ardent supporters. it is a new name for what was obama for america during the campaign. in those remarks, the president spent about three or four mins describing the health care -- what health-care reform is not. it does not have death panels. it will not be constituted as a completely government-run program. even to his most loyal
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supporters, those who you would assume have already digested what they believe health care is and set aside what it is not, the president still having to describe what exactly it is not. gregg: major garrett, thank you very much. meanwhile, fox news now confirming that the cia once reached out to a private security contractor to help catch or kill al qaeda operatives in afghanistan. we are told this controversial operation never got past the planning stage. sources telling fox news that the cia approached blackwater about that plan back in 2004. it provides highly specialized military-style training and private security in war zones. in recent years, the military has hired blackwater to help in afghanistan and iraq. yet another case of when and if
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congress was never told about it. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more. is this a case of contracting out what really should have been done by the cia? >> the cia has used contractors for years. the former cia director explained how they have used contractors and how it is not a sinister practice pre listen to what he said. >> please do not take anything i have said to suggest what the agency routinely does. we have a really hard problem. >> the cia had contracts with blackwater back in 2004 for training facilities and use its training facilities here in the united states. they had a contract to provide security for the cia. the answer to logistics' abilities out there shortly
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after 9/11 that the cia was taking advantage of. gregg: there is a bit of black in blackwater. >> there are two names that can make democratic heads spin in this town. one is eric prince. when they think of blackwater, they think of no bid contracts, mercenaries with quick trigger fingers. they remember the incident back in baghdad when 17 iraqis were killed when blackwater was guarding a u.s. diplomatic convoy. the organization certainly gets people's attention in this town. the former head of counterintelligence at the cia joined blackwater shortly after retiring. that raised a lot of eyebrows here in washington. gregg: it was such a black -- such a black guy, they changed
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their name. did and former vice president dick cheney supposedly tell the cia that they did not have to brief the hill about the program? >> that is certainly what leads democrats to believe in conspiracy. it was leaked at the time that dick cheney when he was vice president told the cia that it did not have to brief congress. they are saying that leon panetta never said that to congress. let me read a statement from the cia spokesman. i am told that leon panetta decided to brief congress on the agency came to him and said that they would like the commission to take this program operational
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and cross the border into pakistan. that is when he said, let's kill the program once and for all. gregg: we have been reporting for months now on the dangers of text messaging and driving. there was recently a study that shows text messaging is it least dangerous if not more than driving drunk. a police department in the united kingdom trying to scare its drivers straight using schock and lots of blood in a new public service announcement. it is stirring up a load of controversy. jonathan hunt with the news now live from the new york city news room. i saw this for the very first time a couple of hours ago this video is shocking. >> it is very disturbing, but that's exactly why police in the region of britain where it is shown think that it will be very defect -- a very effective.
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>> it is not even funny now. >> it really gets more and more graphic from there. it is very difficult to watch. gregg: as i understand it, this is not the first time that britain has done something like this. >> they like these kinds of public service announcement. there was one that i remembered around christmas time of a drunk driving campaign. i think we have video of that that showed a guy who just finished a soccer game and then driving home after visiting the paul. you have this awful image of his car careening into the backyard where there is a little boy
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playing soccer. you can see quite clearly what happened. they have done that with smoking campaigns. this is not something new. it is open for debate whether it is the right thing to do. gregg: just looking at it right now, it is so graphic and so shocking and i think it does have an impact. we will talk about that on another occasion. before 9/11, it was known as one of the worst terror attacks in history. the bombing of pan am flight 103. the guy convicted and sentenced to life in prison is free. we will talk about it. t how cloto your goals? there may be more you can do. only caduet combines two proven medicines... in a single pill to significantly lower... high blood pressure and high cholesterol. in a clinical study of patients... with slightly elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, caduet helped 48% reach both goals in just 4 weeks.
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caduet is one of many treatment options, in addition to diet and exercise... that you can discuss with your doctor. caduet is not for everyone. it's not for people with liver problems... and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. to check for liver problems, you need simple blood tests. tell your doctor about any heart problems... and all other medications you are taking... or if you experience muscle pain or weakness, as they may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. how close are you to where you want to be? ask your doctor if caduet can help you go... for both your goals. gregg: a terrorist convicted of murdering 270 people on board pan am flight 103 release from prison today despite vehement protests from the united states and the horror of many of the victims' families. one victim calling this
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heartbreaking injustice. this is the videotape on the right-hand side of your screen earlier today. boarding a private jet of a the leader of libya. he is still a person convicted in the 1988 bombing over scotland. he maintains that he was not involved. he said that he was innocent scottish officials say that they're releasing him out of compassion. he is dying of prostate cancer and has months to live. he is just eight years into his life sentence. he is a free man. some victims arguing that he should have served out the rest of his term and died in prison. two decades ago, pan am flight 103 was on its way from new york to london. most of the victims were american.
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the brother of a man who was killed on the flight joins us. what is your reaction to this guy getting out? [inaudible] >> he is getting a hero's welcome when he gets back to libya. it makes absolutely no sense. gregg: we apologize. we're having a bit of a microphone problem. he has served a scant eight years. i started covering this thing back in 1992. i could not believe it took as long as it did to get one conviction, but only one
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conviction. this guy has only done eight years. is that more insulting to the memory of the victim's and detestable to the family members? >> i believe it was more than one country. when i met with president bush and his officials, we said that this never belonged there. it was an attack on the american flag. when he was found guilty, that gave us a connection to spay -- to state-sponsored terrorism. gregg: what other countries? >> sirri and iran. will we ever be able to prove that? i do not know. the thing that is even more mind-boggling -- this is just more than one man. releasing him -- the political ramifications, a hero's welcome. you're telling below, you keep hammering away because the
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united states and the united kingdom are soft. gregg: coffgaddaffi had to be conclusive in this, right? >> it finally hit me. i guess our loved ones were guilty for being on the flight. we're guilty for trying to pressure our government to do the right thing. gregg: it is backwards. i have to watch the clinton administration and now have to see president obama shaking his hand. maybe we're the guilty ones and we had this report wrong all along. gregg: this has to do with oil and politics and has nothing to do with justice. >> 100% right. for 20 years, i have dealt with our government. if the united states wants
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something done, it is done. all this rhetoric from secretary of state clinton, please do not insult my intelligence. gregg: you think that this president was also complicity in allowing him to go free? >> ad best, he was. at worst, we're losing complete control in the world. gregg: some families feel strongly that he should be released because they are better than terrorists. we have mercy and compassion. >> if you take that philosophy, you will continue to lose. gregg: thank you for coming by today. our condolences. it is a tough day. what do you think? should it convicted terrorists have been released today? log on to our website.
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tens of thousands of people have voted already. we want to hear from you. and least one major area now under a hurricane watch. bermuda is on the wash. it could grow into a dangerous category four hurricane. i was in the grocery store when i had a heart attack. my daughter was with me. i took a bayer aspirin out of my purse and chewed it. my doctor said the bayer aspirin saved my life. please talk to your doctor about aspirin and your heart. i'm going to be grandma for a long time.
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gregg: we have a couple of storms to tell you about. first, a huge chunk of the midwest slammed by tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. the national weather service confirming at least two tornadoes in central illinois in one of the worst storms of the region. a dozen people have been injured. in northwestern indiana, a strong storm tearing the roof off of a school gymnasium, hurling it into some nearby homes. to minneapolis, lots of uprooted trees, downed power lines. the national weather service also confirming a tornado in iowa. they are investigating a report of another one in wisconsin. an additional weather alert to tell you about. the current status of hurricane bill. the storm has weekend to a category three. it is looking more and more like
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it will not directly hit our eastern coast. some spots could see ocean swells with waves up to 25 feet. get out your lawn boards, the surf is up. janice dean his life in the fox weather center. what is up with bill? >> you cannot tell people to go surfing out there. gregg: i am kidding. >> my husband is a surfer. he is chomping at the bit and i am saying, do not go out into the water. we are talking about dangerous rip currents. look at the satellite imagery. look at that perfect eye. we could be talking about a strengthening storm now. that is textbook. you can see those showers and thunderstorms wrapping around the center and those deeper oranges. that is a great looking storm. that is the track as of
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2:00. we have a lot of warm ocean -- a lot of warm ocean water. bermuda, we're dealing with a hurricane watch. conditions are going to be going downhill in the next 36 hours as far as hurricane conditions. large swells, as you mentioned. those waves in some cases, 18 to 23 feet for the island and cape cod. we are fingers crossed that the storm will make its way between bermuda and cape hatteras. that would be the best case scenario. canada could take a direct hit, especially nova scotia. gregg: and get out your short boards. that is the ticket. i'm just kidding about that.
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the hunt is on for a person of interest in the investigation into that strange and disturbing death of a former model. police are now looking for that guy, seen here on the left, a former reality show contestant, said to be married on the woman on the right. he marry her after knowing her for a couple of days. the body discovered stuffed inside a suitcase. investigators say this guy fled to canada.
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gregg: an update on a person of interest in the case of a murdered young model in southern california. this person of interest may have fled to canada. she was 28 years old. her body was found stuffed inside a suitcase and left in a trash bin in california. this is ryan jenkins, a person of interest to was apparently married to her. he was a contestant on this reality show. they got married after meeting in a loss vegas casino. the county posture of office says that they found his car at a marina. there is a report that a man matching his description arrived in canada.
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we're joined by a reporter from los angeles. it is rare when an innocent person fully is because flight can notes consciousness of guilt does law enforcement appear to be looking at this guy has more than just a person of interest? >> we are still trying to confirm reports that an arrest warrant has been issued and he has be -- has been named as a suspect. i just went into the police station and they are setting up for a news conference that could take place in the next half hour or so. he filed a missing person's report, took off, and they have been unable to reach him. gregg: this guy assaulted someone back in 2006. is it true that he also had been arrested and charged with beating the murdered model up? >> there was an arrest in los
3:28 pm
vegas a few months ago. there was another case, an assault case, in which he was convicted in calgary, canada involving another ex girlfriend. he has a history of some sort. gregg: the victim's mother says that jenkins was jealous of jasmine's ex-boyfriend. i am sure the police are looking at that. was there an exchange of text messages that also implicates ryan jenkins? >> i had heard the report two days ago. we have not been able to confirm that. we're still waiting to hear from them, hopefully this afternoon. they have not been that accessible so far in this case. we do not know. up until yesterday, they were
3:29 pm
telling us they did not even know if they were married or not. gregg: he was called "smooth operator" on this reality show. what do we know about this guy? >> he was said to be an investment banker. he was described as a smooth operator. apparently, he has a passenger jet plan. he happens to be from canada. canada does not extradite people to the united states if they happen to face the death penalty. it could be very interesting, especially if this is true about getting him to canada.
3:30 pm
gregg: all right. thank you very much. let us know if you are able to confirm that in fact he has been able -- he has been named the suspect. reports say that he walked out of a city block who is fluent in italy's three languages. he seems to have traveled the world. they did not know who he was. we will have details of this bizarre mystery just ahead. my identity was stolen when i was eight years old,
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gregg: the continuing battle royale over health-care reform, the president taking part in a health-care forum at headquarters of the democratic national commission, friendly turf no doubt it the president still forced to push hard for its plan, even among his supporters. take a listen. [applause] [applause] >> thank you, everybody. >> yes, we can. yes, we can. >> it is over. all the hand wringing -- gregg: can the president gained control of the health care debate?
3:34 pm
i watched the radio show two hours ago. the president said that his position on the public option is on changed. if that is true, i go back to july 18 where he said, any plan i sign must include a public option. on saturday night, he says, it is just a sliver. today, he said it should be considered i cannot figure out where he stands on a public auction. is he guilty of a lack of clarity? i have already made up my mind, but you can talk. >> i think we have two different issues here. on the public option, you will find democrats in congress wishing that he was clever about being for that, really for that, is it absolute? there has been some question about whether he has been clear about that.
3:35 pm
that issue has been less important about other issues that have come out. i think those issues that people are worried about are not all of the public option, but other things as well. gregg: i am wondering if he is changing the terminology. today, the president to find a public option as something that could be a cooperative. i could have sworn that discussions previously about cooperatives were non-profit cooperatives. what do you make of that? >> i think cooperatives have always been a weakened version of the public option, something that would have government support. the cooperatives would have some government involvement.
3:36 pm
gregg: the president repeated the familiar refrain that any reform he signs must be deficit neutral. he said that again today. he also said it will redutthhhh health care costs. the congressional budget office says, neither is true. they say the house plan will increase the deficit the cbo director said that the democrats' plan will increase costs, not lower them. the american public is in a position where they do not know who to believe. >> i assume that the president is referring to a bill that has not been written info yet. i think the democrats are going to make a strong effort. the democrats are going to make a strong effort to make sure whatever the final plan is
3:37 pm
deficit neutral. i think there's a larger concern that people have about how much spending is going to go into this anyway in the wake of the spending earlier this year in the stimulus plan. that is an issue he is trying to come back as well. gregg: a lot more questions than answers at this stage. we're fairly far along. people in michigan debating a plan that would move hundreds of detainee's from guantanamo bay to a maximum security facility in their community. debate is firing up in an emerges town hall meeting. with an epa estimated 32 miles per gallon. and up to 600 miles between fill ups. it's the most fuel efficient crossover on the highway.
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better than honda cr-v, toyota rav4 and even the ford escape hybrid. the all new chevy equinox.
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gregg: afghan voters are turning out for the second presidential election. the government is counting the ballots right now. as you recall, the taliban try to keep voters at home, threatening to cut off any finger with ink on it. militants were reportedly carrying out its least 73 attacks. 40% of the registered voters turned out by one projection. it has been dubbed gitmo north, a plan to move detainees from guantanamo bay to a maximum security prison in northern michigan. the facility is set to close this year because of state
3:41 pm
budget cuts. this plan has a lot of people fired up. they got a chance to speak their mind at an emergency town hall meetings earlier today. it is in northern michigan, about 49 miles north of saginaw. i have talked to the mayor. are people deeply worried? >> the town hall meeting lasted about two hours. there was one concern i heard over and over at was whether the people would have a target on their backs. it is a question they heard in the town hall. would people come here to help
3:42 pm
them break out? we have a situation where they would disappear into one of the largest arab communities. there were some people at the meeting today that were critical. most of the organization was done by people locally. they had day -- they had help from an outside group in washington, d.c. it is a local issue, but there was a national political dimension as well. gregg: unemployment rate is about 20%. >> that is one question that has never been fully answered. there are about 300 jobs in that prison. what i was told is they believe
3:43 pm
85% of the people would not qualify because they do not meet the age requirements. they would take these detainees, they would have a target on their back, and they would not have the benefit economically. gregg: the bureau of prisons and the department of justice could waive the age requirement and solve that problem. a fashion model suing david copperfield. she says that the magician sexually assault -- insulted her on his private island. this tape -- this case is not open and shut. we will bring it down with a legal debate. call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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a day on the days that you have arthritis pain, you could end up taking 4 times the number... of pills compared to aleve.
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choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength... to relieve arthritis pain all day. gregg: a seattle woman suing david copperfield saying that the magician sexually assaulted her two years ago. she appeared on stage one of -- during one of his performances. she has a fashion model. she says that the incident happened later that year in july when she was a guest on his private island in the bahamas. no criminal charges have ever been filed against the magician. his attorney calling the lawsuit extortion. joining us now is a former prosecutor in a criminal defense
3:47 pm
attorney. jennifer, let me start with you. on the very day the statute of limitations is set to expire here, she files this lawsuit for money damages. this thing stinks like 10 days old fish. >> yes, i would have to agree with you. the fact that she has filed on the very last day of the statute of limitations to me says that this is her last ditch effort to get money out of david copperfield. if she was truly a victim of sexual assault, a victim wants justice. they want their assailant behind bars. what this woman seems to want is money. i think the timing of the filing of the lawsuit says a lot.
3:48 pm
gregg: attorneys for david copperfield look into the woman's background and they portray her as a serial liar. it is a quote from their statement. randy, if that can be proved, she has no case, right? >> he's a magician. she disappears. i will tell you something. very dangerous to go after a victim, particularly one that is the victim of a sexual assault. if you cannot back that up in your math is writing checks that your body can't cash, he is going to be pulling money out of that hat. gregg: the woman claims that she was trapped on this island with david copperfield and there is nobody else there, which is a
3:49 pm
the been hard to believe. he says wait a minute. there were more than 20 men and women on the island there. she mingled with them when he was not there. never complained to anybody, spent her time, tanning, swimming, and jet skiing. if that is provable by copperfield, what then? >> i think david has a great case. he has many witnesses that he can call on. what is interesting here is, where is the call to the authorities saying that a crime has occurred? it is not there. instead, we have her frolicking around and talking with other people. it is very suspect here. a sexual assault victim is going to call authorities, is going to go to the hospital. we have nothing of that here. we know that they had a relationship. she goes to his private island
3:50 pm
in july of 2007. there was some sort of relationship there. gregg: you are the former prosecutor. if it can be proved that this woman lied to authorities and lied to the grand jury investigating that case, shouldn't she be prosecuted criminally for everything from perjury to obstruction of justice to attempted extortion? >> there is no question about that. again, i must tell you if it is proven likewise that she was lured there under false pretenses and if admissible or not, there is any validity to $2 million in a safe that is supposed to go to her that she turned down, i have to tell you, i feel very differently about position you are taking. gregg: by the way, he would be charged with an active you really lured her to the island.
3:51 pm
randy, it is good to see you. he claims he has no idea who he is, where he is from -- he does not remember anything about his life. we will try to unravel the mystery. . %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
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gregg: all right, onto your hat.
3:54 pm
amanda knox out with 600 bills in his socks. -- a man walks out with $600 in his socks, a victim of total amnesia, and since then, doctors and authorities have been trying to unravel the mystery, but it has not been easy. it is clear he is educated anv well traveled,ç but the man dos not have any remembrances of his life, but now, the mystery may be solved. who is this guy, dan? >> he had some well pleated pants and a blazer and, as you mentioned, $600 tucked in his socks. he told doctors and police in seattle that he had no idea who he was, but he knew bits and pieces of his life, like how
3:55 pm
to get to the paris museums and things like that. he seems also to remember having a 24-year-old wife, but other than that, he was a blank slate. some readers in the newspaper came forward and said, "ah, we know the guy," and he apparently graduated from tucson, ariz., schools all over the world, teaching in some places, and one person that came forward took a class from him in china. he took a class from him. he is a culinary expert. apparently at one time, he was a famous chef back in new york. now we may know who he is, but he still does not know who he is. at least, that is what he is telling police. gregg: what is happening to him?
3:56 pm
>> they are trying to revive his memory, but then, he might be turned out to live on his own and see how much memory he gets back,ç çbut it is very rare to back a spontaneous total loss of memory like in this case. gregg: so he did have clothing on his back. that is good to know that he was just not walking around with $600 in his socks. dan springer, thank you. all right, there is a bear to tell you about. @=h
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gregg: and then, there is this before we call it a day here in "studio b." shep loves this. this one is in texas. a bear getting some teethç work done. it is apparently a pet, and the owner noticed it was having trouble eating and drinking, and it was apparently a success. and this is, that is right, a bear on a trampoline. shep loves this video. [laughs] i can never get enough of this. we are told this bear


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